LDM® / 10 MHz

The role of 10 MHz

Although therapeutic ultrasound is frequently used in medicine for the insertion of various preparations (phonophoresis), this method of treatment has so far never found any serious application in aesthetic practice. The reason for this is mainly the relatively deep effect of the ultrasound waves that are used


LDM® (Local Dynamic Micromassage) is a special dual-frequency ultrasound technology that combines two different frequencies into a single highly effective LDM® wave, oscillating between the individual frequencies at up to 500 times a second. A dual wave of this type is made up in all devices in the LDM® range of two ultrasound waves with frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz or 3 and 10 MHz

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M.A.T Group Was founded in 2014 in France. M.A.T Group has started its activity with taking official authority from qualified company Wellcomet in France. In regard of customer care, M.A.T Group detached its engineering team for passing a variation of instruction terms in mentioned company and with the support of its academic staff, it assures experts and physicians in sale and after sales services. Wellcomet GmbH was founded in 2003 with the objective of developing and marketing leading technologies that play a decisive role in achieving convincing, long-term results in the areas of medicine and aesthetics. The development of Wellcomet products is based on the highly regarded scientific expertise acquired by its director, Ilja Kruglikov, Doctor of Natural Sciences, over many years. He is a Scientific Consultant to international specialist journals such as "Beauty Forum" and "Kosmetik International" and works closely with well-known doctors and universities such as the University of Heidelberg. In its research and development and in product manufacture, Wellcomet strives to reach the highest standards of quality. Wellcomet's expertise can also be seen in the comprehensive range of services it offers, such as detailed advice, training and rapid customer service provided by in-house technicians. The company employs staff who are well trained and able to take responsibility and works in the closest confidence with its partners and customers. Its motto is: "Excellent, progress and sustainability in everything that we do!". Wellcomet sees itself as a dynamic, learning company that offers great development prospects and encourages potential in its staff.

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The LDM®Medical-SPA also has a special upgrade for body applications. For this, Wellcomet® has developed an ingenious body concept using the TWL method (Thixotropy- Washout-Lipolysis) based on the latest scientific studies.

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